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6 Realities on Potholes and the Dangers It Causes

According to the Department of Transportation, potholes cause billions of dollars in vehicle damage and are responsible for a large percentage of highway fatalities. They also require significant yearly investment by all levels of government to repair. Sadly, this amount is small compared to the cost of a personal injury lawsuit. Fortunately, there are several ways to minimize the impact of potholes on drivers and the environment.

In the United States, potholes can be dangerous and cause hundreds of dollars in damage to your car. As a result, many people have taken on the challenge of fixing potholes themselves. Some citizens have turned to “guerilla gardening” to draw attention to potholes and road deterioration. Other creative solutions have been adopted by individuals. Some of these include planting flowers in potholes, and some people are even putting their names in the potholes themselves.

One popular solution to fix potholes is to use liability insurance. This type of coverage is legally required in all states except New Hampshire and provides coverage for any damage or injuries caused to other drivers or to the policyholder’s car. Another solution is to try and get reimbursement from the jurisdiction that owns the road. If this doesn’t work, contacting the jurisdiction where the road was constructed will allow you to make a claim.

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