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Bounce Harry Reports New Family Dance Challenge

The internet is flooded with videos of families dancing, and the latest one is the “Blinding Lights” dance challenge. The kids take turns snatching moves and yelling “Go! Go!” over the tune. The goal is to get everyone on the floor. After watching the video a few times, your kids will want to learn the routine, too. The McFarlands are no strangers to the social media world, and their video has already gone viral.

The ‘Something New’ dance challenge was created by Jalaiah Harmon, a mother of three daughters. Her daughters performed the choreography to the song Blinding Lights, a popular rap song. The challenge was filmed in a kitchen, and the whole family participated, including the dad. The video has racked up more than twelve million views on TikTok.

In the video, two brothers – Kyng and Cadee – perform the choreography to ‘Something New’ by The Weeknd. The video quickly goes viral. The family is seen performing an adorable dance in the kitchen. Their parents are stoic, as their children appear to be imitating their older siblings. In the video, the father is seen in a recliner scrolling through his cellphone.

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